How many people can participate in one trip and how much does it cost?
We have our own eight segway vehicles. When the group has eight people or less the price is ordinary: 299 złotych for a three hour tour and 199 for a short one per person. When the group is bigger we rent additional segways from our distributors, which is not a problem but then the price varies. When the groups are really big - more than 20 people, we like to organize joint segway-vintage van cars tours. However, if a group is smaller, but still bigger than eight people, we may also arrange such a joint tour.
Is it possible to sightsee different parts of Warsaw than presented in your offer?
No. We have specially planned routes that were organized this way to omit the obstacles, curbs, that’s why it is no indiferrent where we go.
Can we start a tour in another place than Krakowskie Przedmieście street?
No. On our meeting point we have a parking, there is enough space to make the segway usage training in safe conditions. Other places in Warsaw in front of the hotels aren’t so friendly and it is difficult to get from there to our routes. In other places there are no comfortable conditions for parking and we know from the experience that it makes the people more stressed which doesn’t go well with the tour. Besides, our specially developed route is organized this way to omit the obstacles. Only in very urgent and extraordinary situations we may manage to take the group from Intercontinental hotel.
What is the paper work to do?
Every participant before the tour signes the rental contract. The participants of the big groups don’t have to sign separate contracts - just the representant responsible for the group signs one event contract.
Can I rent segway just for a moment to take a short ride?
Yes. We rent segways on Krakowskie Przedmieście street in our meeting point for half an hour to take a short ride for 100 złoych. The price varies if the ride is longer. We do it every day. The client is followed by person from technical service. You don’t have to book this rental just come to our meeting point.
Can we start a tour another hours?
Yes. Call us and we will arrange another tour guide for you at a chosen hour. If there are available segways at this time there won’t be a problem in organizing a tour.
How long in advance do I have to book a tour?
The earlier you book and pay for the tour the better it is for you because you have a warranty that this date won’t be taken by someone else. However, often if you call us one day before or even three hours before we may arrange a tour guide and vehicles for you. You should always leave a contact number so that we could easily call you and coordinate everything.
What do you offer as a segway rental for event?
We offer the transport of segways to the place of the event and back in the territory of Warsaw. We may also transport segways further but then the price varies and it must be personally discussed. The person training in segway usage, technical service and support during the event, obstacles course composed of traffic cones and markers are included in the price.
How do I pay?

You may pay the whole price online on webpage or you may make a 50% of prepayment by bank transfer to book a tour.
The rest may be paid by the second bank transfer til the day of the tour or by cash during the tour.