Segway is a modern machine that enables you to move fast without tiredness and that gives the users lots of joy. If you are looking for an interesting proposal for the event, integration party, variety for the city game, commemorative event or anniversary of the client we have a special offer for you. Segway is the best solution. We guarantee the service and if you want also track passing.

Segway increases visibility and attracts attention during the fairs, exhibitions, promotion and presentation of products. The possibility of full branding consistent with the advertising campaign joint with the adequate dress ensures a success during tasting, sampling, distribution. Segway is an universal vehicle - it can ride on footpaths, parcs and streets. Electric drive opens for it every door: shopping malls, halls and different buildings - all are ideal for segways. You can move with the minimum speed or ride as fast as 20 km/h. The vehicle turns back on the spot and manipulating it in a crowded or limited space is not a problem.

The price: 390 złotych net for one day of rental for one vehicle.

The bigger number of equipment, the proportionally bigger price is. We have our own eight vehicles. The segway usage training, service, technical support and transport in the territory of Warsaw are included in the price. The price varies if you additionally want to have the passing track and animation during the whole event.

We may also transport segways for the events outside Warsaw - send us a request.